Thing 2: Photo Fun

I’ve been guilty of copying and pasting images from google searches.  This “thing” made me reconsider copyright laws and fair use.  Creative Commons is another thread of copyright laws and is very logical and fair.  If you copy another person’s work, you don’t have to ask permission, but you have to give credit and if you manipulate it, you do have to ask permission.  You also may not profit monetarily from their work.  I visited Joyce Valenza’s page: A Copyright Friendly Tool Kit and watched the video about Creative Commons.  Then I visited flickr, and just because I can, I copied a photo by David McSpadden.

marie antoinette's farm

This is Marie Antoinette’s farm.  She had it built as a respite from court life.  Someday I hope to see it with my own eyes!

Here is a photo collage I made with Loupe Collage, a Chrome App.

summer fun

If you follow the hyperlink, it takes you to an interactive version of the collage.

I don’t usually play around with photos too much.  I find that it can take hours and hours, but this was quick and easy and could easily be applied in the library.



Thing 1: Blogging

My name is Jessica Duffy.  I am the Media Literacy teacher at Poestenkill Elementary School in the Averill Park School District.  This is my first year.  I was the librarian in Lanesborough, MA for the last two years and I love what I do.

I also love my family. Two kids and two dogs.  Most of my reading these days is to my kids.  Right now: Harry Potter and whatever picture books my son picks out.

I like to run, bike, cross country ski, hike, camp, travel and whatever else gets me out to see new places and new things.  Recently, I’ve been fascinated by spanish TV dramas.  Just finished Gran Hotel and currently engrossed in The Time In Between.

I could talk about those shows forever, but I don’t know anyone else that has seen them!

I am not new to blogging.  We’ve been blogging with 4th and 5th grade this fall.  I read the Top Ten Reasons to blog and wonder why my experience is different than what is expressed in the article.  Our students love to blog mostly for the social aspect of commenting.  The content of their blogs are slowly improving but it took months of reinforcing proper grammar and punctuation and expectations.

This is my first time using WordPress.  I’ve added a Gravatar and a Goodreads widget. So far, so good!