Thing 7: DIY – Augmented Reality

At the beginning of this school year I read an article about Layar and that was my first introduction to augmented reality.  I was fascinated and I wanted to race to school and apply it right away.  However, it’s my first year, I’m developing working relationships with teachers, the app was expensive, and we don’t have wifi in the library or ipads to use.  So, I put it on hold.

Then I read an article about Chromville, a virtual reality educational app, and how it was used for a kindergarten class.  I bought the app for my own use and my two children who have been playing with it non-stop since I showed it to them yesterday afternoon.  Children color in a picture, for example a frog on a lilypad, and then scan the image with the app and a virtual reality tadpole pops into view.  Children have to feed the tadpole and they watch it go through metamorphosis until it is a full grown frog.

I shared this with the technology specialist in my district and she told me about Aurasma.  I decided to use Aurasma for this blog post.  It is free and easy to use.  It is also rated for K-12, as I found on Kathy Schrock’s website:  Layar was rated grades 6 and up and Chromville for grades K-5.  I liked that Aurasma is suited for such a wide range.

I took a video of my daughter talking about a piece of artwork and placed that aura over her artwork.  It is adorable!  And then I moved on to books.  I did two videos of my daughter, who is in first grade, talking about books she has read at home.

See Aurasma in action!

I’ve reached out to my principal and I hope by seeing Aurasma in action and the potential for sharing work and new ideas, that I can garner enough support to find the means to acquire ipads and wifi access.



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