Thing 15: Web Presence

Web Presence is something I know I haven’t done well.  I have a website through my school’s website but it feels clunky and it’s not my choice for website builders, it’s a google site.  I made a Weebly for my students to use for quick access to web resources and I share it with the librarians in the other two elementary schools in my district.  This works well to provide our students with a similar experience and the collaboration on the website is great to cut down the work load for one person.  I also have a Weebly which I’ve used as a personal portfolio.  I spent a lot of time on it when I made it, but haven’t maintained it since taking my position in Averill Park.

My issue/difficulty with maintaining a personal Web Presence for my library is the amount of time it takes.  I’ve spent some time on my website posting student work but I very much doubt it has been seen by anyone.  In my head I have a solution but have yet to put it into place.  Part of my procrastination has to do with my dislike of google sites.  My solution is to have a student from each class make a post.  This most likely would be the student who is finished first. This student could make a post detailing what we did in class and most likely sharing their work.  The purpose of this website would be for parents and community members to see what happens in our library daily.

The advantage to keeping my google site is that students have google accounts and could just make a link to share their work.  However, then we get into privacy issues and I know their accounts which are linked to blogs are kept private.  Trying to share this would become an issue.

I’ve had a little exposure to Remind.  This wouldn’t be considered a Web Presence but it would be a way to connect with parents and community.  Students could take photos and share web links and write comments on our class time.

After browsing more google sites and with the understanding that our district is going in the direction of giving all students google accounts, I think I need to update my own website and invite students to post their work on my site by sharing their example with me.  If names are removed and their work is shared with me, I should be able to post it anonymously and then log into my site so that they can make a comment about the process and class time.

My first step in updating my website was to change the color and the basic template of my site.  I also changed the font. It’s helped a lot, but I think I still have to keep working at it.  I had to google it to figure out how to change the theme.

I really like Smore as well but I’m not sure if it would be as simple to share some student work and allow parents to view.  So for next year, I will make a goal for myself of having at least one class per week make a contribution to my google sites website.  If that doesn’t work well, I will probably switch my library’s website to a Weebly site and show students how to embed their work.


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