Thing 4: Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

Thing 4: Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools is probably the area I delve into most frequently with my students.  I feel as though this is what technology is all about.  It’s a tool for students to synthesize their learning and share it with the world.

This year we used Glogster, Animoto, Prezi, Powtoon, Google Docs, and Google Slides.  I’ve also put together imovies on my own because we only have one ipad.  I plan on passing the ipad around with 2nd grade next week so they can assemble a movie put together from photos from a recent field trip.

I decided to play with Tellagami for this Thing.  I haven’t tried Tellagami myself, but I’ve seen it in action and I like how students can put together a video quickly with complete anonymity.  Tellagami may be getting a little clunky with it’s changes to cost.  I tried to email it to myself without luck.  I was able to save it to my photos and email it from my ipad though.  Here is a link to my Tellagami:

I also didn’t like using Glogster.  I would rather have students use Google Docs to create a poster they can share with links and images.  Glogster froze frequently and students were preoccupied looking at all the choices they had for images and backgrounds.

I am a fan of Prezi, but now having used Google Slides, I may stick with Slides.  It simplifies things when accounts are all linked together and it makes life easier when trying to share or link between docs and slides.

Powtoon I’ve only used a couple times.  I think it could be a great place to go when looking for animation to put into a slideshow.  Or for that student who needs a little extra.  However, I think I’ll also be sending those students to the class blog which I mentioned in a previous Thing post about Web Presence.

I recently saw a VoiceThread made by a fellow librarian and I really loved the professional look of what she put together.  However, it is an expensive tool and with elementary students and the ubiquitous nature of technology tools available, I cannot easily justify paying for a tool.

I am looking forward to becoming more adepts at Powtoons and I will continue to explore ways to utilize Tellagami and iMovie in the classroom next year.


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