2016-2017 Thing 5: Presentation Tools

I was determined to find a way for students to make an interactive poster, kind of like Glogster, but something that would be easier for them to use.  They needed to make a poster and upload a file of themselves reading a poem featured on the poster.  We are a Google School so I wanted it to be web-based.  I had lots of ideas but a lot of them had problems.  You can’t upload audio to Google or Prezi.  I tried MoveNote but I don’t like how the video is on the side, for this project I wanted all their work to be contained within the slide and the slide to be full screen.  Fulfilling a vision here!

Finally, I found camera.io, which records videos and saves them in Google Accounts.  We covered the camera with tape so that their faces are not in the video.  They don’t say their names so no personal information is revealed.  Then they save them to their Google Account.  From there, they have to go into YouTube, upload the file, change it to an Unlisted file, and copy the URL.  Once the URL is copied they can go back to their Google Slides and insert the YouTube video.  Apparently Google Slides will only accept YouTube videos.

This is a very roundabout way of achieving what I would like to achieve.  I would imagine someday Google will enable users to use videos saved within their accounts in their Docs, Slides, or Sites so that YouTube is not necessary.

Knovio works with PowerPoint, or a PDF file but if we switch our Google Slides to PDF, the interactive animation also disappears.

So here is a visual of the example students will see when I teach them how to insert audio into a Google Slide.  Edgar Allan Poe.


One thought on “2016-2017 Thing 5: Presentation Tools

  1. Terrific workaround. It’s crazy that google slides doesn’t have an easy way to do this. But what a good example of creative problem solving and mashing multiple tools together to get the desired outcome. App-smashing at it’s best!

    Are you students able to record Google Hangouts from YouTube by launching a live event? That ends up as a youtube video that i assume could also be embedded. Might save a step? But then, maybe hangouts/live events are blocked?


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