Thing 33: eBook Creation (2016-2017)

2016-2017 Thing 33: eBook Creation

We’ve just received 5 ipads for our school and thus begins an adventure of creativity for my students!  We have played around with Aurasma and iMovie.  I thought Thing 33 would be a good way to try out the Book Creator app.  We have a snow day today so I made a very brief story about my snow day to try out some of the features.  It feels very much like a slideshow.  I already see how Book Creator will be more useful in some ways than Google Slides because you can add videos and audio.  I also like how you can publish it as an ebook to be read in ereaders.

Here is my trial of Book Creator: Snow Day

After using Book Creator, I am going to use it as a follow up for a Google Hangout with a ranger from Everglades National Park.  First grade students will design and draw a robot that can survive in Everglades National Park.  Then each child will use Book Creator to take a picture of their robot and add it to a class book that we will send to the ranger as a “Thank you!”

I then read the article Dragon Quest: A Google Slides Interactive Story. I am excited about the presentation of this story for a Choose Your Own Adventure.  My fourth grade classes are doing Choose Your Own Adventure right now and this would be a perfect way to tie in their activities with media lit.  It is such a simple way to tell a story and when Google Slides is presented as a full screen, interactive story with links enabling viewers to select their path in the story (or really select which slide they read next) the story becomes a Choose Your Own Adventure!  I’m definitely going to do this with my fourth grade!


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